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RestoreMe is an innovative medical practice that is all about identifying and removing the things that push you towards disease and filling your life with the things that create wellness so you can stay healthy or get healthy. Rather than simply relying on medications to treat symptoms, we work with you to help get your systems back to optimal function.

... And Utilize a Complete Wellness Approach

We think in terms of how your body works within its genetic predispositions and how it interacts with food, environmental toxins and stress. We use conventional medications and testing when they are needed, but we also use food as medical therapy along with targeted clinical approaches. With our complete wellness approach, we strive to identify the root causes of your symptoms and get you on a path of optimal wellness. Ready to get started? Call us at (970) 278-0900 or schedule a consultation through our simple online form on the right.

Does RestoreMe take insurance?

Our office does not accept insurance for your doctor appointments. That said, we are able to provide you with a Health Insurance Claim Form to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement.

Each patient will receive a personalized treatment plan, which includes scheduled follow-up appointments. Typically, you should anticipate a check-up at least once every 6 months. However, the frequency of visits may vary depending on your individual health needs. Please note that your healthcare provider may adjust the timing of these appointments as necessary.

We can process lab tests using your insurance, but we are not a billing clinic and cannot provide estimated out-of-pocket expenses. If you plan to use your insurance for lab tests, please contact your insurance provider to inquire about their preferred labs (such as Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp), deductible requirements, and other coverage details. Additionally, we offer lab tests at set cash prices for those without insurance or for those who prefer not to use insurance. The cost of these tests will vary based on the specific tests your healthcare provider orders for you.

Unfortunately, our providers do not qualify as Primary Care Providers because they do not offer after-hours service, are unavailable on weekends, and usually cannot accommodate same-day appointments.

Yes, you can expect your providers to make recommendations based off of your lab results for supplements, hormones, and/or prescriptions. All of these would be an additional cost.

Our clinic cannot schedule you for Pellet Hormone Replacement Therapy without the prerequisite of completing laboratory tests and having follow-up consultations with your primary healthcare provider.

Yes, you are more than welcome to come in for IV Therapy at our clinic. However, please note that certain IV treatments can only be administered with a doctor’s approval or prescription. If you need assistance in choosing an IV Therapy or have questions about the duration of treatment, our staff is available to help you.

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Active since the summer of 2009, our two divisions (Restore Health and Restore Beauty) have served the health and aesthetic needs of NoCo for over a decade. Now united under one brand, we look forward to helping you realize your beautifully healthy potential.

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